Roger Maggs reacts to 'Welsh Affairs Committee’s report into Floating Offshore Wind in Wales

8 March 2023

Roger Maggs MBE, Chair of the Celtic Freeport bid consortium, reacted to the House of Commons' Welsh Affairs Committee’s report into Floating Offshore Wind in Wales:         

"This ground-breaking report shines a very clear light on the very real opportunity for a Welsh green industrial renaissance. A renaissance sparked by the roll-out of floating offshore wind (FLOW) in the Celtic Sea.

"The prize is within our grasp, but requires a private-public sector initiative to make sure Wales grabs global first-mover advantage in this fledgling market. If the UK and Welsh Governments, National Grid, OFGEM, The Crown Estate, colleges, universities, seaports, green energy developers and industrial complexes act with urgency and in lock-step, then the results will be truly transformational, including ensuring that the thousands of high-value, high-quality jobs in manufacturing, maintaining and operating these gigantic turbines are  rooted firmly in Wales.

"The selection of the Celtic Freeport bid will help create two overhauled energy ports at Milford Haven and Port Talbot - a unified delivery platform that will be critical to this new green industry - to ensure Wales has enough green power to spearhead the decarbonisation of its economy, while maximizing the socio-economic value from these developments.

"FLOW will be good news for future generations of Welsh communities along the south coast of Wales, into The Valleys and beyond."